PI Live Europe



October 24, 2023 - October 25, 2023    




Annalena Bauer (Director of Business Development)
Michael Elschenbroich (CEO)
Theresa Hauck (Partnership Development Manager UK & AU)

In a Nutshell

We are excited to announce our role as a sponsoring partner at PI Live Europe!

This event provides us with a fantastic opportunity to establish meaningful connections with advertisers, creative professionals, and brands that share our vision. The event’s agenda is centered around results-oriented marketing and the most up-to-date trends in affiliate, influencer, and performance marketing, aligning perfectly with our core interests. Our primary objective in participating in this event is to fortify and broaden our existing partnerships, discover potential collaborations, and enhance our portfolio of stores.

… you can find more information about the PI Live Event here!

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PI Live Europe
24 Oct 23